Minutes of the PACT meeting
April 24th   Chilham Parish Church, 7pm

Peter Wead Acting Chairman Chilham
David Hayes Chairman Chilham
Doffy Milner Secretary Chilham
Yvonne White   OWL
PC Lorayne Brown    
PCSO Matt King


David Hayes, Trevor Vallis and  Community Warden, Peter Willows


The minutes of March 20th were accepted as a true record of that meeting


Speed Monitoring

The recent traffic monitoring that was held to highlight possible traffic difficulties for the Sawmill site development was said to record less traffic than the previous monitoring 5 years ago (according to ABC). This was felt to be questionable, given the traffic hold ups at Beltinge at the time  the  recording took place.

A ‘Give Way’ sign had been placed on Taylors Hill and the Tourist Information Booth was reporting more cars stopping in the car park.

Branch Road. Steve Darling had replied to PACT’s enquiry over the reposition of the speed signs in the road, to the effect that this had now been done. The meeting felt that the 30mph signs were still too far away from the A28 junction.

ACTION: the Secretary to e mail in reply to voice PACT’s disappointment that very little change had taken place. The 20mph at the beginning of Pilgrims Lane was a few yards from the A28 and the 30mph was not much further from the A28 at Shalmsford Street. This comment was also to be e mailed to the County Councillor Andrew Whickham.and to the Parish council.  


Mountain Street Action Group

Although the signs put up encouraging people to slow down had had some positive effect, it was noticed that delivery vans and some local cars, are still a cause of concern. The next notice to be displayed would be ’20  IS PLENTY’


Dog Fouling

The Recreation Ground and the Church yard continue to have a problem., but the Latin Field shows signs of improvement. The Community Warden, Peter Willows sent in a report that he continues to check Chilham and OWL greens for any dog fouling.

ACTION: Doffy to ask Geoff Dear  if the PC has agreed to empty the dog bin in Mountain  Street Car Park. (This appeared a few weeks ago and is now full).

Police Report

There had been 3 incidents since the last meeting.

  1. There had been another burglary at the Farm Shop
  2. A theft from a motor vehicle parked in Station approach and
  3. A burglary at a residential property at Soles Hill

The Police reminded the meeting that they were unable to provide an attendance at Chilham’s Jubilee celebrations.


The Community Warden report said that he had been identifying potholes and had done some hi-vis in all areas to help reduce speeding. He had also reported any vehicles lacking a tax disc and had assisted ABC with the complaints re bonfires on Canterbury Road.

Next 2 meetings – Chilham Parish Church 7pm

May 29th

June 19th (note that this has been changed from the arranged date of  26th because the church will be holding its inauguration of the new Vicar that evening)