P A C T  M E E T I N G 

(Police and Communities together)

MINUTES of the PACT MEETING December 13th 2011 - Chilham Village Church

  David Hayes Chairman Chilham

Doffy Milner

Secretary Chilham
  Trevor Vallis   Chilham
  Yvonne White   OWL
  WPC Lorayne Brown    
  Peter Willows Community Support Officer
  PC Laker PCSO  
  Alan Millar Parish Council  


  South Ashford
  Apologies: Peter Wead

Trading Standards Report

As there has been no response from the Parish Council, the meeting concluded that they have not pursued this item. It was noted that there is a brief outline on Trading Standards in the Parish Magazine.

Speed Monitoring

The Parish Council clerk had sent a letter of thanks to the group for the speed monitoring so far carried out.

The secretary had written to Mr. Darling, Ashford Highways, pointing out the problems in Branch Road and requesting the repositioning of the 30mph sign (to be closer to the A 28, thus slowing the traffic down, well before it reaches the surgery and residential area.) The speeding, traffic volume and the fact that the road was a rat run was also mentioned in the letter. There was no response to date.

There was a suggestion that should the Saw Mill site be developed, this might dictate a change in traffic flow in the future.

The illegal use of the North Downs Way in Kings Wood by bikers had been reported by the Secretary and Graham Swan . The police had already been monitoring the activity in Mystole Lane.

ACTION: WPC Brown will investigate the possibility of insurance for someone from the Mountain Street Residents group to do speed monitoring in that area – some time in 2012 . There will also be a need to do a risk assessment of the area.

PACT leaflet

It was decided that we would produce our own.

Dog Fouling

A parishioner had been fined for allowing their dog to foul. Although there was some improvement in the Parish, dog fouling was still an issue.

Police report

There had been 40 calls in the last month in this district including 12 road traffic accidents.

  • Chilham - theft of a car in Mill Lane
  • an attempted burglary in Canterbury Road
  • the theft of a car in Shottenden

It was noted that although 999 is still to be used for an immediate response, 101 should be used for less serious requests to the police.

PCSOs are to be used in Kent – to offer high visability in specific areas, to visit victims of crime, to visit schools, assist in arrests and to help with road traffic control.

Date of next 3 meetings: January 17th, February 21st and March 20th