P A C T  M E E T I N G 
(Police and Communities together)

Minutes of the meeting January 22nd 2013
at Chilham Parish Church


  David Hayes Chairman Chilham
  Trevor Vallis Deputy Chairman  
  Doffy Milner - Secretary Chilham
  Yvonne White   OWL
  Peter Willows Community Warden  

Peter Wead

Apologies Yvonne White and Bill Waterman PCSO  

Road Signage and Speeding

The Parish Council agreed at the last meeting to support Mountain Street Action Groups request for a 20 mph speed limit and they will shortly be contacting Kent Highways and the Police Commissioner. They now have the support of the Parish Council, Chilham Environmental Protection Society and PACT.

Peter Wead had attended the Parish meeting re the Saw Mill site, (the Developers were not present.) He reported back re the footpath, the crossing and speed limits.


Dog Fouling

A member of the public, in the playground with his child and a dog, had been reprimanded by a member of PACT

Some parent of children going to the school had complained about the dog in the Square off its lead and chasing cars.

The group considered if it might be productive to ask the Vicar/PCC if they would consider a dog bin in the Church yard given the continuing problem. A new notice had been erected about dog fouling.

ACTION: Doffy to make enquiries about this.



Doffy had contacted Sharon Halmkan in Ashford BC re a litter bin in Mountain Street car park but as yet had had no reply.

ACTION: Doffy to try again and copy in Andrew Whickham CC


Refuse Collection

David had contacted ABC who had re iterated that there would be no change in collection for the Square. He had asked ABC to write and confirm this, but so far, there had been no response.

Bikes and 4x4s in Kings Wood

Bikes and 4x4s continue to use Kings Wood illegally. New notices have been erected to indicate that no vehicles may enter Kings Wood. Bikes may go up the hill from Mountain Street car park and go through to Danes Street only. Cars and 4x4s may only take this latter route from May 1st to October.

The off road Police bike Team were hoping to be a presence this coming weekend.

Police Report

3 crimes since 20th December

  • theft of a tractor from OWL
  • assault of a taxi driver in Chilham Square
  • a windscreen broken at a car sales forecourt

Bill also wanted to clarify the previous notes regarding the crime commissioner: she is now elected by the people and accountable to the people in respect of Kent Police performance. If for any reason, a member of the public is unhappy about the service they are receiving from the police, they could contact her to look into this.

Peter Willows reported that a trailer and machinery had been stolen, and that the theft of oil and metal was ongoing. He also mentioned the Crime Awareness event 1st February at Challock Farmers market where the police and wardens would be holding a stall. There would be an opportunity to get information about alarms and protection generally.

Next meeting : March 19th Chilham Parish Church 7pm

NB The Parish Clerk passed on a message from KCC Highways. They are actively searching out potholes and any other road faults for repair and would welcome reports of potholes etc. that can be reported to: www.kent.gov/khsfaults/