P A C T  M E E T I N G 

(Police and Communities together)

Held on Tuesday January 25th 2011 Chilham Parish Church

  David Hayes Chairman Chilham

Doffy Milner

Secretary Chilham
  Trevor Vallis   Chilham
  Peter Wead   Chilham
  PC Matt King PCSO  

Bridget Walton

  Helen Tharp Parish Council  
  Apologies: Yvonne White Parish Council


There was a need to revitalise the scheme.

Action: As PCO Smith had returned, Matt King would contact him and remind him that we need the speed monitoring equipment as soon as the weather improves. Meanwhile, Matt would like to do a comprehensive speed check throughout the area in different locations. David and Trevor were prepared to do this with him and he will contact them.


David said these would be completed in the next few weeks

Action: Once Doffy has the leaflets, she will organise distribution with Helen Tharp’s help.


Plastic bags with dog excrement have been festooning the bushes at the first stretch of road in Mountain Street again.

There is also a problem on the Recreation Ground, on the Church yard walk to Felborough and on the dog bin area of the Selling Road.

Action: Peter Wead to speak with the school Secretary to see

what approach to the problem could be undertaken as far as Mountain Street is concerned, and Matt to ask Karen Community Warden, and the Dog Warden to pay particular attention to these areas, especially during the school pick up times.


There had been no further developments on the burglary in the High Street reported on last time. However, there had been a burglary at Bagham Barn. Bricks had been removed at the rear. The alarm had been activated, but it would appear that nothing had been stolen.

No further incidents had been reported in Chilham car park, although certain vehicles had been logged and there is an ongoing need to monitor activities at the public conveniences.

Off road bikes continue to create a problem particularly in the Sandy Lane area. Some bollards have been removed. Kent Police continue to monitor the situation.


A box had been placed in the White Horse and it was noticed that the Church box had reappeared. The one completed questionnaire in the Church Box contained a complaint about inconsiderate and nuisance parking – presumably in the Square?

Next meetings: February 15th, March 15th and April 19th, all in the Parish Church at 7pm

NB: Matt King is to compete in the London Marathon in April in aid of the Heart of Kent Hospice and would appreciate sponsorship.