P A C T  M E E T I N G 

(Police and Communities together)

Held on Tuesday July 20th 2010 - Chilham Village Church

  David Hayes Chairman Chilham

Doffy Milner

Secretary Chilham
  Trevor Vallis   Chilham
  PC Laker PCSO  

Ian Williamson

  South Ashford
  Helen Tharp Parish Council  
  Apologies: Karen Peck, Yvonne White, Peter Wead


The trained 4 will now consider the first fortnight of September for this monitoring.

All communications to be made through the Secretary.

ACTION: David to give dates for training to PC Laker by mid August. PC Laker to provide monitoring forms for the beginning of the monitoring.


Trevor had revamped the leaflet to an A 5 format double sided.

ACTION: David to print off the leaflets and Karen, Doffy and Helen will distribute them throughout the Parish. Doffy to contact the other two as soon as the leaflets are ready.


The recently circulated information that there is no limit on the number of cars in the Square, is wrong. The Jacob report indicated that 47 was the most the Square could take, after that number, an obstruction would certainly ensue and residents could and should notify the Police. At the recent beer festival in the Square, there was a wedding at the same time and although parking did take place in the car park, there were 54 cars at one point and this was reported. The Police have attended on the last 2 reportings of over 47 cars.


It was noted that there were still walkers throwing filled doggy bags into the bushes, outside the Woolpack and in Mountain Street.

There was an ongoing problem in Chilham with a troublesome dog.

ACTION: Could PC Laker make the dog warden aware of the current situation.


There had been damage to the OWL basket ball court and at Bagham Lane, the police had issued several tickets for the no-left turn many motorists still engage in.

Karen had checked on the kerb parking in Felborough

ACTION: Could PC Laker ensure that Karen has sufficient leaflets for attaching to cars wrongly parked.

SIGNAGE at the public toilets

This is about to be done, and will at last inform users of opening and closing times.

A key was available from ABC for a volunteer to open and close the toilets, but this was thought to be too onerous a task for our small group.

Other signage in the Parish – this has been passed on to Kent Highways and it should be resolved within the Square workshops currently being held.

SEPT. 7th, OCT. 5th
, NOV. 16th and DEC. 14th.