P A C T  M E E T I N G 
(Police and Communities together)

Minutes of the meeting July 24th 2012

Chilham Parish Church


  David Hayes Chairman
  Trevor Vallis Deputy Chairman
  Yvonne White OWL
  Peter Willows Community Warden
Apologies Doffy Milner, Peter Wead  
Not present PCSO Matt Link, PC Lorayne Brown  

Item 1 Speed Monitoring

 DM had written to Andrew Wickham regarding Branch Road but to date no reply received.  It is noted the 50mph sign in Branch Road is still in the incorrect position despite repeated requests.  It should have been replaced with 30mph and then 20mph at the Recreation ground into the village.

Action:                        DM to remind AW for response for next meeting

PCSO ML was to contact Dan Smith re the loan of the speed monitoring equipment.  Nothing has been heard to date.

TV / YW reported the Sawmills site Planning Date is 15th August 2012.  Ideally PACT would like to carry out further monitoring at Branch Road prior to this as there is real concern ABC do not consider the peripheral village roads will be affected by the development.  TV queried if CPC clerk had in fact submitted PACT’s statistics to ABC.

Action: Copy minutes and email reminder to ML and PW will also contact ML directly

            YW to contact CPC clerk re PACT speedwatch statistics and ABC


DH reported on emails received from Anthony Perrett relating to an incident of personal harassment by a motorist driving up The Street Chilham.  AP has copied to ML and LB with the registration number of the vehicle but as they were not present at the meeting DH asked PW to follow up with them directly to ensure appropriate action is taken and a response made to Anthony Perrett.  DH will also write to AP.  DH commented maybe the pedestrian signs needed to be more obvious in the village approach roads or augmented.  This is not to have a proliferation of more signs but to make better use of the ones we have or change them for better emphasis towards pedestrians. 

DH to acknowledge AP’s correspondence
PW to follow up with PCSO ML and PC LB
YW to email CPC clerk to contact KHS re survey of pedestrian signage with a view to improvement


Item 2 Mountain Street Action Group

Due to nuisance bikers accessing Kings Wood PCSO ML and PC LB were to organise placing of notices but to date this has not been carried out although we are aware they have been placed in other areas with similar problems.

PW will remind ML and LB for notices

Reduction of speed to 20mph in Mountain Street now needs to be officially addressed in the light of new draft guidelines for rural roads.  The temporary signs put up to encourage motorists to reduce their speed have been removed.  Some of these were on private land and so whoever removed them in fact trespassed onto private property.  The notices did encourage a reduction of speed in motorists so it was an effective exercise.

YW to contact CPC clerk requesting KHS look at the situation in Mountain Street in the light of new guidelines.


Item 3 Dog Fouling

Dog bin at the end of Mountain Street on the entrance gateway has now been replaced with a modern locking variety and re-positioned to the side of the entrance on a pole.  Whilst this is much appreciated, unfortunately a lot of vegetation is growing up around it including stinging nettles and it will soon become difficult to reach.

YW to contact CPC clerk to request ABC arrange for clearance of growth on a regular basis.

Some fouling has been noted in School Hill.  This may possibly be dogs belonging to persons collecting schoolchildren.  Suggested CPC clerk could write to Headmaster asking for a note to go on the school web site reminding dog owners to clear up and use the bin provided at the foot of School Hill and for a mention in Parish magazine/KM.

YW to email CPC clerk accordingly


Item 3 Police report

PW reported low incidents of reported crimes; a theft from a motor vehicle in School Hill;

NHW OWL reporting of tampering with doorstep milk and bread deliveries but no specific incident reported.



Any Other Business:

DM had reported some tourist motorists are ignoring the new Right of Way into Taylor’s Hill car park creating near-misses.  In the main though the new road markings have improved traffic conditions in Chilham square.


There have been some tourist complaints re lack of signage pointing to Chilham village from the A252 coming from Canterbury direction.  There is no “Chilham” sign prior to The Avenue junction with A252.  It is also noted the large sign on A252 just prior to Taylor’s Hill turn-in is partially obscured by overhanging trees and the sign is also very dirty.  This is also obscuring the “village hall” indication thereon and this too has caused problems with visitors to CVH coming into the square to make enquiries for its location.  DH suggested CPC clerk be asked to liaise with KHS regarding a sign audit.


YW to contact CPC clerk to request foliage be cut back and sign cleaned
and KHS sign audit.  Also to contact CVH Chairman to ascertain the possibility for a Village Hall sign to be erected at their entrance from A252 Canterbury

YW reported that CPC Chairman had advised KHS have “found” 2 tonnes of matching tarmac for Chilham square and feeder roads.  Hopefully rectification of the outstanding black tarmac “repairs” can be made soon. 

 Next meeting dates:

 There will be no meeting in August

 Tuesday 25th September

Tuesday 23rd October

Tuesday 27th November

 All at Chilham Church.