Minutes of the PACT meeting
July 16th 2013 Chilham Parish Church


Trevor Vallis

Chair Chilham
Peter Wead   Chilham
Doffy Milner Secretary Chilham
Yvonne White   OWL
Peter Willows Community Support Officer
Apologies David Hayes

Road Signage and Speeding

It is believed that the Speed Check equipment is in Ashford.

The group agreed we need to start when the schools go back.

The insurance costs which Bill Waterman believed might have to be covered by the Parish Council, are definitely still covered by the Police.

There has been no further action over the Mountain Street speed limit request.

Action: Yve will pursue the whereabouts of the speed equipment. Doffy to contact Borough Councillor Andrew Wickham to ask if the funds he spoke about earlier in the year, might still be available for signage in Mountain Street.


Saw Mill Development

The possible ecological problem related to drainage on the site was discussed – have conditions been complied with?

Action: Yve to follow up

(Since the meeting, Yve has challenged the naming of the site,

‘Ashford Place’ – no consultation with the Parish Council or with Ashford BC appears to have taken place by the developers)


Dog Fouling

The dog bin has been agreed for the Church Yard

Problems with fouling have continued in Hambrook Lane and the Recreation Ground. It was questioned as to why the RC committee couldn’t ban dogs from the grounds, particularly as Mountain Street had become a very popular dog walking area.

It had been noticed that the gate to the childrens play area was often left open, and recently residents with children had taken their dogs into the play area.



The Parish letter picker now goes into Mountain Street but only half way.

The black and gold metal bin recently placed in the car park in Mountain Street has been stolen and the rubbish inside thrown around. The bin was originally vandalised and thrown into the Castle Park shortly after it had been delivered.

Action: Doffy to ask ABC if they would reinstate a plastic bin.


Speed Watch Conference:

The recommendations were discussed. It was hoped that the Governments guidance on speed limits in country lanes (20mph), would soon be addressed.

Action: when we have details of the next Conference, Doffy to encourage some members of the PC to attend. (There were PC attendances at the last Conference.)


Community Support Officer’s Report

Mini tractors had been stolen from OWL and Pickleden Lane.

He is focussing on School Parking - trying to keep the flow of traffic going and preventing congestion.

There has been monitoring of bikes following a report that speeding bikes were causing a nuisance in the Dane Court Farm area. Speeding bikes continue to cause a problem in Mountain Street.

There has been a problem of ‘distraction’ cold calling in OWL and Challock.


Police and Parish Forum

Bill Waterman is still pursuing the resurrection of this forum.

Next meeting; September 17