P A C T  M E E T I N G 
(Police and Communities together)

March 19th 2013, 7pm Chilham Parish Church


David Hayes Chairman Chilham
Doffy Milner Secretary Chilham
Trevor Vallis Chilham
Yvonne White   OWL
Peter Wead   Chilham



Bill Waterman
Peter Willows

Community Warden


Road Signage and Speeding

Following the PC’s support, PACT’s and CEPS, the Mountain Street Action Group had submitted its petition to KCC for a reduction in the speed limit of 30mph to 20mph. They had also petitioned the Police Commissioner and attended her Open Forum in Maidstone. Andrew Whickham had demonstrated his support for the speed reduction and had a possible source of funding he could access after May either to conduct a speed monitoring or to provide new signs. He had promised to have the proposal on the agenda for the March Transportation Committee.

Two resident households had made it clear that they were firmly against any reduction in the speed limit, but the majority were very much in favour. The residents had been reminded not to erect notices on telegraph poles.

Andrew Whickham had suggested a speed monitoring in Mountain Street would be helpful.

Parents parking in School Hill instead of the car park or the Square, was now causing a hazard and the road was regularly blocked in the mornings.

1. It was agreed that as soon as Bill Waterman could locate the equipment, members would renew the monitoring in Branch Road and at a later date, Mountain Street.

2. Would Peter Willows continue addressing this problem and perhaps the school could be involved.

Saw Mills development

There was no further action to report as the proposed meeting didn’t take place. Three members will continue to be involved and details will be checked on the Parish Community website.

Dog Fouling

Doffy had liaised with the PCC via John Willis. It would seem the PCC now favours a dog bin as the fouling has become worse. She had negotiated with the PC and Len Budd is now taking this up on behalf of the Church. Trevor had taken several photographs of the problem.

The Recreation Ground and Herons Close also have continuing problems.

1. Could Peter Willows continue checking on the churchyard

2. Trevor will send his photographs to the PC clerk and to



.Doffy had requested a rubbish bin be provided in the Mountain |Street car park at the November meeting but as there had been no response from Ashford, she then approached the PC. However, a bin arrived in early March from Ashford Borough Council.

Refuse Collection

Ashford BC has confirmed that properties around the Square will not be included in the multiple bin scheme.

Police Report

Some off road bikes had been prevented from going on the byway as they were not legal. The Of Road motor cycle team had been deployed but were called away after 40 minutes.

There had been theft of copper wire in February (value £14, replacement cost over £500). There were reports of alarms being activated and nuisance bikes were stopped and spoken to in Mystole Lane area.

Community Warden’s report

Peter continues to monitor the main problem areas for dog fouling.

He had noticed that of the off road bikes seen in Selling road and Mountain Street, two had no helmets and one no index plate. He continues to visit the OWL youth club.

Two meetings to note:

The Parish Council AGM and Parish Forum is on Thursday April 18th 7.30pm Chilham Village Hall

Kent’s First Speed Watch Practitioners Mini Conference – Saturday 20th April. Doffy will book in David Hayes, Trevor Vallis and herself.

Future meetings: 21st May and 16th July