Minutes of the PACT MEETING
May 29th 2012

Chilham Parish Church



Trevor Vallis

in the chair Chilham

Doffy Milner




Peter Wead

  David Hayes   Chilham
  Mark Link PCSO  
  Yvonne White PCSO OWL
  Peter Willows Community Support Officer

Apologies: were received from PC Lorayne Brown


Speed Monitoring

Trevor was still experiencing difficulty in contacting Dan Smith so that the speed monitoring group could continue monitoring in Branch Road.

Doffy had written to Steve Darling to express PACT's concern that the 50 mph sign had not been placed nearer the A28. There had been a letter sent from Chilham Surgery about the rat run in Branch Road and the likely increase of traffic if the old Saw Mill development takes place. It would seem that the County and Ashford do not appear to be concerned about this.. It was also noticed that Carol Ridings wasn't up to date with our speed watch results.

ACTION: Doffy to write to Andrew Whickham to make him aware of the latest correspondence with Ashford over Branch Road. Matt to contact Dan Smith re the monitoring equipment.

Mountain Street Action Group

It is noticeable, that residents and most visitors have slowed down as a result of the notices recommending 20mph. Unfortunately, the latest bikers event through Kings Wood (at least 60 + bikes) produced some speeding in Mountain Street and some dangerous practices – about 8 to 10 bikes drove at excessive speed past the residential area and the riders were standing on their pedals. The Police had many reports re nuisance bikes.

ACTION: The police will put up notices about nuisance bikes with an encouragement to report any contraventions.

Dog Fouling

There had been more reports of dog fouling in the Street. The nightly dog barking (11.30pm through to the morning) from the A28 area, had fortunately stopped, but any further disturbance may be reported to the Dog Warden.


Police Report

There had been 3 crimes in the area since the last meeting;

2 of criminal damage (fencing and a broken window in OWL)

1 theft of earthing cable in New Cut Road

After the meeting, the Chair asked the Secretary to check with the Clerk to the Parish Council when the road repairs will be undertaken. Most roads appear to be patched incorrectly following various road works.