Minutes of the PACT meeting
May 20th 7pm Chilham Parish Churchh

David Hayes Chairman Chilham
Doffy Milner Secretary Chilham
Yvonne White   OWL
Peter Willows Community Support Officer
Apologies Peter Wead

Road Signage and Speeding

Bill Waterman, PCSO, was still trying to track down the speeding equipment.

Mountain Action Group: Despite the support of various Parish Groups and the County Councillor, KC had turned down the 20mph petition on the grounds of cost and the lack of serious personal injuries in recent years. The Action Group were planning to address the issue again.

Branch Road. It was reported that 8.45am was a particularly bad time for speeding motorists using this route as a rat run.

School parking. Peter tries to keep the parents moving in School Hill; also could the school have a road safety notice displayed?

Bikers. A member of the group confronted bikers speeding up to the Square. They were also reported to the Police for speeding up Mountain Street – standing up on their bikes.

ACTION: Peter Willows to monitor Branch Road again in the morning. Would there be a possibility of the Police monitoring the A28?

Doffy to check the current position with the PCSO re the equipment for monitoring.

Saw Mill Development

It was noted that the land was currently being cleared. The Parish Council was still monitoring the number of parking places.

ACTION: Doffy to get an update for the next meeting.

Dog Fouling

There was no information from Len Budd who was taking the need for a dog bin in the Churchyard forward. . Peter Willows had spoken to the White Horse about the problem of dog fouling in the Churchyard The PC has agreed to the dog waste bin for the Church and it will be installed soon.


ACTION: Doffy to ft the result of the PCC’s effort.


The bin in the Mountain Street car park was used and regularly emptied.

ACTION: Doffy to e mail and thank ABC

Community Warden’s Report

There have been reports of possible catapulting of windows in Ashford Road Service Station and Mountain Street.

ACTION: Peter Willows to check out.

Speed Watch Conference

Attended by Trevor Vallis and Doffy Milner

It was clear that some parishes own their own equipment, paid for by their Parish Councils, and that some parishes had large groups of volunteers.

A data base was displayed, demonstrating a county wide and comprehensive tackling of speeding.

There was a need for mobile phone abuse to be recorded.

There was some practical advice on monitoring and some very useful points of contact.

The issue of an enforceable speed limit of 20mph was covered.

Doffy to encourage Parish Councillors to attend any future conferences.

Parish Council Forum

David attended this and gave a report on PACT.

Future meetings: Tuesday July 16th and Tuesday September 17th