P A C T  M E E T I N G 

(Police and Communities together)

Held on November 16th 2010 in Chilham Parish Church 7pm

David Hayes Chairman Chilham

Doffy Milner

Secretary Chilham
  Peter Wead   Chilham
  PC Matt King PCSO  

Bridget Walton

  Helen Tharp Parish Council  
  Apologies:Yvonne White and Trevor Vallis


There were problems with the equipment during the latest speed monitoring exercise in OWL, Selling Road. Despite this , it was noted that several cars slowed down appreciably on approaching the monitor. The equipment will be returned to the PACT group shortly and it is hoped to conduct several checks in Chilham in the next few weeks. PC King said he would like to join the monitoring team, work load permitting.

It was reported that Mountain Street has been subjected to less speeding since the new speed restrictions came into force.Some bikers are still speeding through to the woods at weekends.

The need for a footpath on certain sections of the A28 was brought up. There are several houses and the traveller’s site along the 50 mph stretch, and there is no safe path for pedestrians. The speeding of traffic in that area continues to be a cause for concern.

ACTION: Helen Tharpe to take this point to the Parish Council to explore the view of KCC Highways.

Bagham Lane was discussed again. PACT had been informed that it wasn’t possible to make Bagham Lane a one way road, with access only for buses, and that buses would not visit Chilham if Bagham Lane became one way only forcing the buses to go round by the A252.

ACTION: Helen Tharpe to take this problem to the Parish Council. Could the Parish Clerk write to the Bus Company

and establish if there really is resistance to using the slightly longer route to the road junction of the A28/A252 ?


These are not ready yet.

ACTION: Could Trevor check to see if they now need updating before being printed?


The PC had spoken to the owner of the dog ripping up refuse sacks. The dog warden is aware of the problem and will seize any unattended dogs fee; this will result in the owners paying a release fee.

There is an ongoing problem next to the dog bin at the top of Selling Road OWL. On the patch of grass adjacent to the bin, dog owners are allowing their animals to foul, but they do not pick up the result.

ACTION: The Community Warden has promised to keep an eye on this area. Local residents are asked to report any offending to the Dog Warden.


There were 4 crime reports in the last month – 3 domestic incidents and 1 exposure.

A bogus ‘Water Board’ caller has been reported in Felborough

Close. Residents are reminded to be alert to this problem and to report any incidents to the Police.

Recently there have been some serious incidents of exposure at Chilham car park toilets. A car registration number has been noted. Should parishioners have any concerns , they should note details from the car and report to the police.

There will be a police presence in the Church at the Community Meeting re the Square on Nov. 25th. PC King will be present to observe the count.

PACT boxes

The PACT box is still missing in the Church

ACTION: Doffy to check with a church warden again, and David to ask if the White Horse would accept a box.


It is to be hoped that as many people from the Parish will attend the meeting on November 25th to view and hear the presentations from the 3 groups who have been working on their plans to revitalise the Square. Everyone in the Parish has been leafleted with a voting form which must be returned by the 25th, either at the meeting or to the Post Office.

Next Meeting; December 14th 7pm, Chilham Parish Church