P A C T  M E E T I N G 
(Police and Communities together)

held on Tuesday November 8th
Chilham Parish Church


Trevor Vallis Acting chairman Chilham
Doffy Milner Secretary Chilham
Peter Wead   Chilham
Alan Millar Parish Council Rep Chilham
PC Matt King   Chilham
PC Lorayne Brown   Chilham

Graham Swan

Alan Millar   Chilham
Peter Willows Community Support Officer Chilham
Apologies: Yvonne White OWL, David Hayes

Trading Standards Report
No further information on the filtering or précis of the reports (Alan Millar had not arrived at this point)
There was concern over widespread Halifax scam – where people’s identities were being used to open accounts at the Halifax in their name
and Trading Standards were recommending any mail from the Halifax be checked rather than thrown away. More door stop selling had been reported and the public was reminded of the 7 day cooling off period and encouraged not to engage with this kind of selling.
ACTION: Could Alan check on the present position of the PC in respect of filtering the information and précis of reports from Trading Standards.

Speed Monitoring
The Monitoring Team had been out four times and was thanked for their perserverance.

20th October 7.45am –9am
Branch Road, near the Sports Hall
120 vehicles – 11 of which were speeding
24th October 7.45am -9am
Outside the Surgery, Branch Road
75 vehicles – 22 of which were speeding
27th October 7.40am –8.30am
Avenue Road
50 vehicles – 22 were speeding
8th November 7.45am- 9am
Outside the Surgery, Branch Road
230 vehicles – 32 were speeding

It was noticed that hardly any vehicles turned left into the Village from Branch Road, and most were using the route as a rat run. Most vehicles were speeding in the 30mph area but slowed down on seeing and passing the monitor.
All details were passed over to PC Brown.

Two suggestions to resolve the problem were put forward : 1) reduce the speed to 30 mph nearer the A28. Highways have rejected this in the past, but it has been done at the Shalmsford Street turn off, where the 50mph limit reduces to 30mph in less than a hundred yards. 2) The other solution might be to have traffic lights at the A28 junction, thereby reducing the
temptation to take a short cut.

The Mountain Street Action Group, which is attempting to co-ordinate a community response to dangerous driving and speeding in their area, asked if they could be involved with the speed monitoring in their road and if a resident could be trained and insured next year to help carry this out.
PC Brown to explore the possibility of insurance and if any monitoring takes place, a risk assessment would have to be carried out first.
Speed monitoring in the Parish to continue. The Secretary to check again Highways view on suggestion 1.

Pact Leaflet:
There was no written reply at the time of the meeting to PACT’s request for funding, from the recycling fund, towards the cost of printing colour leaflets. Graham Swan reported that the PC had offered to pay for som black and white printing. Later, an email was received from the PC clerk rejecting PACT’s request but offering to pay for up to 50 black & white leaflets and to distribute them to retail outlets in the Parish.
The offer was declined and PACT will seek a new source for funding.

Dog Fouling:
Graham Swan is supplying the Recreation Ground with a box for the doggy bags as the dog fouling is still a problem there. The Green at OWL also has a continuing problem and the Dog Warden is to monitor.

Police Report
The recent rave on private grounds in OWL was stopped by the Police, the equipment removed and 3 arrests were made.

There were 8 crimes in the Parish in the last month (average normally 3)
OWL – theft of cable wire
Maidstone Road – a house burglary
Dane Street - theft of a cycle
Chilham Primary School – one assault
Chilham – theft of a car and 2 thefts from cars in the Street and
Hambrook Lane
One cannabis user stopped for speeding near Taylors Hill Car park
Several speeding offences on the A252.
The missing signs, broken gates and illegal use of the North Downs Way
into Kings Wood was reported.

ACTION: the secxetary to ask the Clerk to the PC if they can pursue this problem with the Footpath Officer.

Matt King, who is moving to Maidstone, was thanked for all his hard work. Lorayne Brown will be taking over from him and was welcomed to
the group. She hopes to take over Matt Kings telephone number.

Martin Sabin, a Police Community Support Officer has been appointed to work in this area.

Next meeting December 13th, Chilham Parish Church 7pm.

Next meeting: October 11th 7pm Chilham Parish Church