P A C T  M E E T I N G 

(Police and Communities together)

November 15th 2013
  Trevor Vallis in the chair Chilham

David Hayes


Doffy Milner

Secretary Chilham
  Peter Wead   Chilham
  Yve White   OWL
  Peter Willows Community Support Officer

Road Signage and Speeding

There had been further requests from OWL re speed watching on Cobbs Hill but PACT hasn’t yet had confirmation from the new PCSO that a site has been police checked. A request had also come in for speed monitoring on Mulberry Hill where the 50mph speed limit extends too far from the main road.

ACTION: Doffy to contact Lisa Endell the PCSO again by e mail and Peter Willows will also follow this up. Doffy to check with Andrew Whickam the KCC councillor, the result of the recent KCC speed check in Mountain Street.

Branch Road monitoring

2 members of PACT have carried out speed monitoring in Branch Road on the 8th and the15th of November between 7.45am and 9am. It was noticed that almost all of the cars coming off the A28 turned right at the end of Branch Road and did not go into the Village – using Branch Road as a rat run. Some of the speeding cars were forced to slow down by the leading car in a convoy of cars, once the first car spotted the monitor. On the 8th, 175 cars came through, 28 of which were travelling at 33mph and over. On the 15th, there were 178 cars, 18 of which were travelling at 34 mph or over

ACTION: David will send Andrew Whickam, Doug Marriot and Derek Kennet, the details of the monitoring. Trevor will send the registration numbers of those speeding to the Police,

and ensure that Chilham PACT is registered with the Speed Watch Kent group. He will also enquire how to get hold of generic speed watch signs for OWL. 2 members of PACT

will aim to speed watch in OWL.


Saw Mill site development

The problem of left turning traffic in Bagham Lane continues and will only get worse when Bagham Place is developed.

ACTION: Peter Willows to approach the PCSO to monitor cars in this area with him.

Dog Fouling

The Churchyard and Recreation Ground continue to cause problems


Fly Tipping

Household rubbish had been tipped in Mountain Street car park. This was reported by a PACT member together with the householder’s name found amongst the rubbish.


Replacement bin

The Mountain Street car park bin, stolen some months ago, hasn’t yet been replaced by ABC.

ACTION: Doffy to again request a replacement bin.

Report from Peter Willows

He has attended school opening and closing times to encourage sensible parking by parents. Parking was worse in the afternoon. He had already mentioned this problem to the Head

Master but will mention this again.

There has been a problem of cold calling in Felborough Close

House burglaries had been reported in Mountain Street and

School Hill.

Garden equipment had been stolen from New Forest Lane and criminal damage to a drive in OWL had been reported.

The old Post Office light in the High Street

This still hadn’t been reinstated. It was noted that the missing light was not a street light but an amenity light, hence the responsibility of the PC.

ACTION: Doffy to contact the PC again with the concern of PACT over the lack of adequate lighting, stressing the risks now that the dark evenings have arrived, and to also inform Andrew Whickham, KCC, ABC and Doug Marriot.

Next meeting Tuesday January 21st. in Chilham Parish Church (booked on the 20th November)