P A C T  M E E T I N G 

(Police and Communities together)

P A C T M E E T I N G October 5th 2010

held in Chilham Church 7pm


Peter Wead

(acting Chairman) Chilham
  Doffy Milner Secretary Chilham
  Trevor Vallis   Chilham
  Yvonne White Chilham Parish Council and O.W.L
  Nicola Haig   Chilham
  WPC Alison Barney    


Unfortunately, the equipment provided by the police for the first team was faulty but is now ready for use. Team A monitored speed in Selling Road, and although no one was found to be speeding, it was noticed that some cars slowed down on seeing the monitor. It is hoped that Team A will repeat the exercise in OWL and that Team B will monitor in Chilham.


These are not ready to be distributed yet

Action: Doffy to contact the Chairman and collect the leaflets when he has printed them off. She will then ask for some support delivering them around the Parish. Trevor will supply the police with the leaflet information - to be included with their publication.


Bagham Lane continues to experience a high number of cars turning left from the A28.

Action. Yvonne will raise this issue with the Parish Council clerk to see if a solution can be found.


There is an ongoing problem in the Square and in Church Hill with a dog/s ripping open refuse sacks left outside for the Wednesday collection. WPC Barnay said the recommended time for putting out rubbish was 6pm and onwards the evening before the collection. It was noted that it isn’t always practical to put rubbish out on the morning of collection as every second week, the van arrives early.

Nicola reported back on the issue of dog fouling in areas of 40 mph and over. It had been noted at previous meetings that dog owners cannot be prosecuted if a dog fouls in a 40 mph zone. This relates to an old bye law, (lower residential density), but local authorities could re-designate these areas.

Action: PC Matt King to ask the dog warden to address the problem of dogs ripping open rubbish bags.


None this month. However it was noted that men had been attemping to sell garden furniture in and around the Square. Their number plates had been reported to the police.


The disabled toilets had been locked because of vandalism. A universal key is available for registered disabled people on application to the Council

Action: The replacement sign will soon be completed by Trevor


The Church box was still in hiding.

Action: Doffy to remind one of the Church Wardens about this and David to check if a box has been left in the White Horse.


Doffy will send a resume of the minutes to E. Arter for publication in the Parish magazine.

Date of the next meeting Tuesday November 16th Chilham Parish Church 7pm.