P A C T  M E E T I N G 
(Police and Communities together)

held on Tuesday September 13th 2011, Chilham Parish Church


David Hayes Chairman Chilham
Trevor Vallis   Chilham
Doffy |Milner Secretary Chilham
Peter Wead   Chilham
Alan Millar Parish Council Rep  
PC Matt King    
Apologies: Yvonne White OWL

Trading Standard Reports

The Parish Council has not yet agreed to take on responsibility

for monitoring and publicising the many reports sent out by Trading Standards. Peter gives some publicity on the PO/Parish notice board.


Alan Millar to take up this issue with the PC and Doffy to continue to monitor for any item which seems relevant to the Parish


Speed monitoring

Matt reported that the equipment was now repaired and ready for use. 2 complaints about dangerous driving and speeding in Mountain Street were reported, but Matt said he would need registration numbers and details before he could respond.

Bagham Lane continues to experience drivers illegally turning left from the A28. Trevor had established that road traffic offences were enforceable in areas of 20 mph if the road entrance is marked with the large speed limit sign.


Matt to liaise with Trevor an arrange some dates within the next few weeks when the monitoring team can set up ad hoc monitoring.

Matt to monitor Bagham Lane again at critical times


Pact Leaflets

A request for funding had been sent to the Parish Council but Alan reported that any decision had been put off until the October meeting. If we are successful after this date, printing and delivery of the new leaflet will go ahead.

Dog Fouling

There have been further incidents on the Recreation Ground. Are more people walking their dogs there as a result of the restrictions around the Lakes?

Peter continues to monitor the Churchyard. The offer by the Dog Warden of a temporary dog waste bin wasn’t taken up,but was noted should an opportunity arise in the future to test out its usefulness.


Police Report

In the last 3 months, Chilham had had 8 crime reports,including 1 assault, 1 theft from a vehicle, several burglaries from Denmark House and a theft of equipment in a garden shed.

Shottenden had had 2 crimes, the theft of a pig and metal from a telegraph post.

OWL had had 3 crimes related to one address - 2 arsons and 1 asault

Matt has continued with his speed checks. One motor bike was found to be travelling at 80mph on the A252.

The Tourism Cabin in the Car Park (organised by the Retailers and Tourism Group)

There had been a slight reduction of parking in the Square recently which might be due to the encouragement given to visitors to park in the car park.

Next meeting: October 11th 7pm Chilham Parish Church