Minutes of the PACT meeting
September 17th 2013 Chilham Parish Church

Trevor Vallis 
Doffy Milner 
Peter Wead   Chilham

Apologies: David Hayes, Yvonne White and Community Support Officer Peter Willows

Road signage and speeding
The speed monitoring equipment has finally been delivered. There has been a request from Old Wives Lees that some monitoring be carried out mid way down the hill towards Chilham where speeding regularly occurs.
Monitoring equipment has been placed in Mountain Street. It was believed to be a counting device but subsequent to the meeting, Andrew Wickham the CC confirmed it to be a speed monitoring device to enable the County Council to decide whether or not to support Councillor Wickhams and Mt. Street's resident' request to reduce the speed limit.
ACTION: Branch Road speed monitoring to be restarted in October followed by Old Wives Lees.
Doffy to ask for Police approval  of a new  monitoring site in Old Wives Lees and Mountain Street.

Saw Mill Development
Yve has made a formal complaint about the site's name advertised by the Developers.There has been a challenge made by the BC Douglas Marriott of the proposed car park charges for the Station site. A sub committee for the Development  is expected soon. Both Peter Wead and. Trevor Vallis attend on behalf of PACT.

Dog Fouling

Because of the continued dog fouling on the Rec ground, the Committee is willing to make a contribution towards the installation of a second dog bin closer to the Arden Grange entrance. The dog warden supports this initiative.

Doffy had approached ABC for a bin to replace the stolen one in Mountain Street car park, but so far, it had't arrived.
ACTION: Doffy to approach ABC again.

School Parking
Parental parking at the beginning of term was particularly In the Square an at the top of School Hill. 
ACTION: Our PCSO to be asked to address this problem when back from leave.

Street lighting
Several complaints have been registered about the poor and totally inadequate lighting in the High Street since the light has been removed from the old post office building. The outside light of Cumberland House is now turned off at 11pm or so and the resulting darkness following the loss of both lights late at night results in a particular hazard. Leaving the Post Office at 5 pm will soon become dangerous with the onset of winter evenings.
The PACT group asks the PC to consider reinstatement of the original light with a protective baffle or to move a new light to an appropriate position before the dark nights are upon us.

Report from Peter Willows (following the meeting)
Peter continues to monitor dog fouling in the. Church yard and the Recreation ground.
The encampments in the Church yard and Rec will by now have been removed.
Cold calling in the Canterbury Road area offering to paint houses has been reported to the Police and to Trading Standards.
The theft of dual remains a problem.

Dates of next meeting: November 19th