P A C T  M E E T I N G 

(Police and Communities together)


Minutes of the PACT MEETING held on 

March 23rd 2010  held in Chilham Church 7.30pm


Present: Trevor Vallis (acting as Chairman)     Chilham

              Doffy Milner  Secretary                   Chilham

              Peter Wead                                     Chilham

              Yvonne White  Parish Council rep and OWL

              Richard Taylor Parish Council and OWL

              Karen Peck       Community Warden

              Eileen Law ; Dog Warden

            (Canine and Neighbourhood Officer)

            Apologies: David Hayes


It had been established that the doggy bags were bio-degradable. Eileen let the  Group know that the next lot of bags available in the PO would be green.

There was still a problem of dogs fouling the churchyard, often  unaccompanied. A dog was regularly fouling in Stonestile Lane, Shottenden, but as this was on private land it was up to the owner to proceed with a civil action.Despite 2 new signs in Latin Fields, OWL, dog fouling continues to be a problem, particularly in the early morning.

Action: Eileen will write letters to the owners of the dogs seen in the church yard, and she will visit Latin Fields one morning.


The second sign put up by Yvonne on the public toilets in the car park had also been taken down. There had been complaints that the toilets had been locked on the 18th and the 19th March. There had been some repairs needed, hence the locked main door on the 18th, however, there was no satisfactory explanation for the locked individual doors on the 19th.

Action: The Community warden will check  if there are baby changing facilities in the disable lavatory, and if so, how visitors access the key.

Yvonne to put up another laminated sign giving opening and closing times.


Trevor and Doffy met with PC Laker to establish the sites for the speed monitoring and for PC Laker to carry out a risk assessment of these sites.

Details of 4 volunteers have been given to the Police for insurance purposes.

Sites in Branch Road, The Street and Taylors Hill in Chilham were identified and one in Selling Road, OWL. Other sites and names of volunteers will be organised once the scheme gets under way.

Action: PC Laker to arrange a training session for the volunteers and details of how to access the equipment.


There had been complaints about cars parking on pavements in Felborough Close.

Action: Karen was dealing with this. There were leaflets she hoped to distribute which would warn/advise car owners about inappropriate parking.

Alternative places for the PACT group meetings were considered again in the hope of widening community involvement.

Action: Karen to talk to the Seniors Club and David Hayes (Chair) to be

encouraged to talk about PACT at the Parish Meeting.

POLICE REPORT (in  the absence of PC Laker)

There had been 2 reports of theft in the woodland off Selling Road. A missing  Ramsgate youth had been located in Chilham and returned to his carer. 

A Speed check had been carried out on Feb. 3rd ( area not identified)


PACT members identified some possible local scams – clothing collections, and an offer to conduct a 2 hour security check on a  house after identifying that the householder lived alone. Any suspicious scams should be reported to the Community Warden.

Next meeting: Tuesday April 20th, Chilham Parish Church 7pm


Following the meeting, PC Laker has established that as Taylor’s Hill and The Street are 20mph zones, we are unable to carry out speed checks on them. We can only check roads where the speed limit is 30mph. This leaves Branch Road and Selling Road and any other road we can identify.

Minutes of  meeting

 Held at 7pm on Tuesday January 12th 2010 St Mary’s Church Chilham


David Hayes Chairman : Chilham

Doffy Milner Secretary : Chilham

Peter Wead  :  Chilham

Yvonne White  : Parish Council  Old Wives Lees

Trevor Vallis  : Chilham

 Apologies were received from; Coral Lines, PC Darren Laker and Community Warden, Aaron Kaye


The Chairman will present a draft of the car park notice re mobile  homes for the next PC meeting.


There had been no contact from the Footpath Officer.

The recent sign for the CP toilets giving opening times, had been ripped off the door.

There had been 2 incidents in the Car Park, cars racing around, and bins being thrown about. The Chairman had challenged this behaviour and reported it to the police, but on both occasions, the police arrived after the offenders had left.

Action: Yvonne to investigate the possibility of the PC paying for another sign.


The Chairman had sent an e m ail to PC Laker asking for a report by the next

PACT meeting re the plan of action, details of the risk assessment procedure

and the training we would need, but as yet, there has not been a response on the issues raised in the October and the November meetings.

Following Yvonne’s attendance at the North Weald Police and Parish Forum,

Geoff Lawrence (Community Policeman) had agreed to investigate the issue of insurance liability.

Storage of the equipment will be discussed at the next Chilham Village Hall meeting.

Action: Geoff Lawrence to receive our minutes.


There were no comments this month.

Action: PACT members will endeavour to raise awareness of our meetings and what we do by increasing the circulation of the minutes by forwarding them to friends and contacts in the Parish. Currently, the minutes are sent to the Chilham website, to the PC and to the press, and are displayed in the Church and in OWL

Village Hall. We need to stress the openness of the meetings to the public and to encourage parishioners to come along if there were particular issues they want to raise.


No information yet on whether or not the dog bags are bio-degradable

Action; Doffy to follow this through.



It was noted that PC Laker now produces a monthly report on police and community activity.

There had been a burglary in Burma House on the 6th January. There had been fly tipping and an abandoned car in Mountain Street. There had been no response from the Police after the report on the HGV incident.

 PACT’S complaint to HQ re the recent Police publicity leaflet.

The Chair had received a response saying that an advertising group was responsible for the leaflet and there would some improvements with the next edition.


|Feb. 23rd

March 23rd and April 20th   All in the Church at 7pm.

 Information for parishioners interested in attending

This small group of local people meet with the local PC and the Community

Warden once a month in the Parish Church. We welcome attendance from any

parishioner who has an issue to raise. Minutes may be sent via e mail to anyone

who requests them from the Secretary : doffymilner@aol.com


Held  at 7pm on Tuesday  October 27th     2009  St Mary’s Church, Chilham



David Hayes  Chairman                     Chilham

Doffy Milner  Secretary                     Chilham

Peter Wead                                        Chilham

Yvonne White          Parish Council and OWL

Trevor Vallis                                      Chilham

 PC Darren Laker

 Aaron Kaye Community Warden

Nick Thistle Community Warden


It was noted that Darren Laker will not be attending the next PACT meeting. In the future, Marc Sluder Community Warden will be working and covering this area Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and Karen Peck, Community Warden will be working on Monday and Thursday.



It was noted that the notice re mobile homes was an ABC notice and not Kent Highways. The recommendation was – to remove the restriction of 23 hours parking in the Car Park for mobile homes, thereby encouraging the vans to stay down in the Car Park rather than the Square. The toilet opening hours still need

to be displayed on a notice.

ACTION: Yvonne to pursue the resolution of both these items with the Parish Council.


SIGNAGE and STREET Furniture

A parishioner had requested that PACT look into the problem of

the excessive and inappropriate signage in Chilham, the lack of a Chilham ‘tourist/visitor’ sign as seen in other villages, and the proliferation of bins, notices etc spread out when they could be

more appropriately and tidely clustered together. It was agreed that this problem was probably being addressed by the Parish Council and some members of Chilham Environmental Society.



As the equipment was now available, Darren Laker was asked to address the training needed for volunteers. Darren said that 3-5 areas needed to be identified and these would be risk assessed first. Taylors Hill, the High Street, Branch Road and the Selling Road OWL had been identified June 2008.

ACTION: Darren to pursue the risk assessment and arrange training. He will also find out how to access the kit and what numbers will be needed. Yvonne to find out where the kit could be stored (the Village Hall?)



The boxes haven’t yet been moved. There were 3 returned forms in the Church box, but they were comments from visitors probably living in high density areas, and were not appropriate.

ACTION:Peter and Yvonne to move the boxes to the White Horse and to OWL Village Hall.



There has been some improvement in the Recreation Ground.

There was a suggestion that the Dog Warden was not active at the moment, and that his area had been increased.

Dog fouling signs were now up in the Churchyard and in Felborough Close

ACTION: Doffy to phone ABC and establish what had happened to the Dog Warden.



PC LAKER said that he was able to issue a fixed penalty notice for littering


COMMUNITY SAFETY LEAFLET circulated by the Police

This refers to the recently delivered leaflet to the Parish, by the Police, labelled Community safety in Downs North. (It was noted that this format of leaflet has been produced throughout Kent).  The leaflet contained several errors, notably

the claim that new parking restrictions have been put in place in the Square which had improved the situation considerably and that Kent Police had worked in partnership to resolve it. There were claims about improvement re dog fouling, the installation of a dog bin and speeding problems tackled without any mention of the PACT Committee or the partnership between the Police and the Community members of PACT  which brought these changes about.

ACTION: Doffy to draft a letter for the Chair to send to Police HQ, pointing out our dissatisfaction with the leaflet.


Next Meeting: Chilham Church, Tuesday November 24th 7pm

June 2009 Minutes:  P A C T M E E T I N G JUNE 09.pdf

Held on Tues 21st May 7pm at Chilham Parish Church


David Hayes Chairman                       Chilham

Doffy Milner Secretary                       Chilham

Trevor Vallis                                      Chilham

Peter Wead                                        Chilham

WPC Alison Barney

Marc Sluder Community Warden


Apologies: Yvonne White       Parish Council

                  Coral Lines           Chilham


Yvonne has raised this issue with the Parish Council. The preferred option would be for the PC to fund the project, and there was the second issue of the insurance cover, (public liability of  £350 a year). The PC clerk had asked for information from Alison about the police provision of training. She had informed him that although the Police can provide training and money for the equipment, she had been informed that the PC has to be in charge of any speed monitoring and it is for their exclusive use, not PACT. This was being challenged by the Chairman as it was not Policy

ACTION: Alison to clarify who exactly should be purchasing the equipment, the Police or the PC. David to raise the ‘policy’ issue with the Roads Policing Chief Inspector


The questionnaires and the boxes are all ready to go. Of the 4 places considered for the boxes, it was decided to try the Post Office and if possible the Farm shop to begin with. Marc will put a brochure and a box in OWL Village Hall.

ACTION: Peter to ask Peter Higgs to display a box and he will try one out in the Post Office for a month. Doffy to approach Yvonne about the possibility of displaying our leaflets and having a box at the next Boot Fair – June 14th – nobody else was available for this. Doffy to insert information about this project in the next Parish Magazine with a questionnaire – if possible.


Marc has queried the arrangements in respect of the dog bins with ABC. Peter requested  more doggy bags for the Post Office.

There has been some resolution to the dog fouling in Chilham, following complaints from residents of Felborough Close.

The childrens’ posters had not yet been displayed. It was noticed that PACT’S involvement with this competition had not been acknowledged in the local press and that some other initiatives were not always acknowledged in the Parish Magazine.

ACTION: Marc to remind Colin Leek that the Vicar had originally agreed to a dog fouling sign to be placed at the entrance to the Church Yard, although he did not want a bin in that area.


No further news


Query – has Yvonne had any response from the PC over signage?


ABC does not issue fixed penalty notices for littering.

This issue is still unclear. ABC is definitely the agency to contact in respect of fly tipping.

ACTION: David to find out more from the Clean Kent Campaign – Melanie Price in Invicta House.


The practical problems were aired in respect of the latest rave. Parishioners are encouraged to continue reporting excessive noise to the Police and to Environmental Health

ACTION: Alison to provide us with a number to use outside normal office hours, in the event of a rave.

 Next meeting: June 30th Chilham Parish Church

 Held 7pm on Tuesday April 21st 2009

at Chilham Parish Church


David Hayes Chairman                    Chilham

Dorry Milner Secretary                    Chilham

Trevor Vallis                                    Chilham

Peter Wead                                       Chilham

Yvonne White Parish Council         Old Wives Lees

WPC Alison Barney

 Marc Sluder Community Warden


The £500 needed to purchase Challock’s speed monitoring equipment may be provided from police funds, thanks to the efforts of David Lloyd.

Yvonne suggested that we explore the possibility of match funding.

Alison reported that there had been more speed monitoring over the Easter weekend on the main roads and Selling Road had again been monitored.

ACTION: Yvonne to raise with the PC the possible funding of the Speedwatch equipment; even  if the Police are willing to purchase it, there was concern that it would not be Chilham PACT’s property and therefore not always readily available. David to find out the cost of the additional insurance premium so we have some figure to go.  David also to approach CC Charles Findlay to see if his project money can be used to pay for fluorescent jackets – or perhaps Halfords could be asked  to sponsor us?

Alison to check the Selling Road again during the times of 7.30am-9am and 4pm-7pm


The group thanked Trevor for the production of these and  various sites were suggested again – all needing the proprietors agreement – Badgers Cider shop, the Farm shop, the Recreation hall and the Church (already agreed) the 3 public houses, and OWL Hall.

Alison had produced 40 information leaflets to begin with and Doffy had drafted a questionnaire form to accompany it.

ACTION: Peter to place the first 4 in  Farm Shop (if  Peter Higgs is in agreement),the Church and Recreation hall and in the Post Office.

 Marc Sluder will collect any responses before each meeting.

4 boxes will be tried to begin with and the locations will be changed from time to time.


The installation of the dog bin in the car park will be during the 2nd week of May.

Alison reported back on the work undertaken by some of the school children to highlight the need for responsible dog ownership.

ACTION: Alison to have some of the dog fouling posters created by the children, laminated and displayed round the Parish. David to arrange some suitable award for rthe best design.

Yvonne to ask the Chair of the PC to write to the Headmistress of the school congratulating the children on their responsible attitude towards litter.


No further action. The Committee is looking for a chairman to take the event forward.


Yvonne reported on the litter pick morning. Nobody from Shottenden turned up, only 2 from Chilham and there were 13 at OWL. 18 bags of litter were collected.

ACTION: Alison to check on which authority issues tickets to those who litter.

 CAR PARK Toilets

Marc had identified that the official opening times are 8am to 5.30pm (or half an hour before dusk, whichever is the sooner) The Committee felt this would be unsatisfactory in winter.

ACTIONYvonne to bring to the attention of the PC that there was no notice of opening times outside and to ask for them to pursue this anomaly.


Appropriate signs to address the problem of weight restrictions in the Square are being addressed by the PC at the moment.

 AOB: David reminded the group that he and the Secretary had been in their posts for a year and would be open to a change over if anyone else wished to come forward.

 Next meeting: Tuesday May 26th, 7pm Chilham Parish Church

 As signed off by the Chairman