P A C T  M E E T I N G 

(Police and Communities together)

Held on Tuesday March 15th Chilham Parish Church

Trevor Vallis

in the chair Chilham

Doffy Milner

Secretary Chilham
  Peter Wead   Chilham
  Helen Tharp Parish Counci l
  PC Matt King PCSO  

Apologies: David Hayes and Yvonne White

The speed monitoring equipment was now working and team B will carryout at least 2 speed checks during April – one in the early morning and theother in the late evening. PC King meanwhile will arrange a separatemonitoring with Trevor at a variety of locations.

These are to be completed by May 1st if possible.Action: Helen to ask the Parish Council if they are able to help withprinting costs as PACT is not funded.

There have been no further complaints from the Recreation Ground.It had been noticed that the Latin Field was much cleaner, but ChilhamChurch Yard was still being used by dogs.

There had been no further reports of incidents at the car park toilets or of problems with off road bikes.The motor home parked at the end of the railway approach road was still causing some problem. It is parked at the junction and often partly on the pavement. It sometimes blocks the School’s sign.Action; Because it is advertising a business, the Secretary will contact the Planning office to establish the legality of the advert.Helen Tharp will contact S.E. Railway and get their view.Telegraph poles – earth wires are being removed on some poles, creating adanger, and there has been graffiti in the Recreation ground and on a tree in the Churchyard.

There were 7 reported crimes this month, including 1 theft of a motor vehicle, 3 thefts from cars, some criminal damage and a burglary.
The flytipping at the recycling area in the car park of around 15 -20 sacks full of garden rubbish and some household items had been dealt with very promptly after parishioners phoned the help/reporting line.

A reminder - that PC King’s sponsorship forms for the London marathon he will be running are now available at the Post Office.

Next meetings: April 19th, May 24th and June 21st