January 2004 newsletter



Issue 1                                Jan  2004

“Take me to your leader”

 “I’ll do it for five years” Alan Baker was told by Tom Hill when he took over as Coordinator hoping that when his time was up he could trick, threaten or just persuade someone to take his place. Well having miss-read his pleading letter and willing to try something new I told Tom “ I’ll try it for five years” and so here it is, the first newsletter from the new Neighbourhood Watch coordinator. For you who don’t know me (most of you probably) I’m Mick Marsh and I’ve now lived in the village with my wife, Stephanie, for 3 ¾ years at Cherry View, which is towards the bottom of Cobbs Hill. Both of us were born and raised in the Medway towns, I studied electrical engineering at the college next to Rochester Airport and my wife trained as a nurse at Kent and Canterbury Hospital. I retired about six months age and my wife Stephanie is a District Nurse in Sittingbourne, we have two sons, one is married and lives in Salisbury the other is living in Woolwich.

The Old Wives Lees Neighbourhood Watch has been running successfully for at least ten years and as old engineers say “ if it works, don’t fix it” so don’t expect any changes in the way the scheme runs.

Reported Incidents

            None: and long may it remain so although this does mean a lot more padding in the newsletter

It just seemed odd but…

            Every so often you’ll see or hear something that seems strange or out of place although there is nothing obviously wrong it could be a car parked for a few days in an odd place or as in this real example, people out of place. On a recent Saturday around mid-day three youths (two white and one black) in their late teens wearing baseball caps were seen on foot in Pilgrims Lane and shortly later in Shalmsford Street, again on foot, the youths couldn’t have travelled that distance without transport and yet no car was seen. This is a good example of the ‘Watch’ in Neighbourhood Watch. If you see or hear something that you think may be important and feel the need to tell someone you can always let me know, who knows it may one piece of jigsaw or nothing at all.

 This may be of interest

 We are always being advised of the various ways of safeguarding our valuable and in the event of things being lost or stolen how to identify it. Assuming you haven’t photographed the antique teapot or noted the serial number of the digital camcorder the next best thing is to mark it with an invisible marker or Ultraviolet pen. Terrific, but how do you read it, if you are at a boot sale you can hardly ask the seller if you can take it to the local police station to get it scanned. A link member has come up with a possible solution, with this kit you not only get the pen but a key ring sized UV lamp as well. As the ink appears to be water-soluble so it’s only suitable for marking items that are normally kept dry. The kit is available from

          I want One Of These Ltd

          PO Box 26953,

          London SE21 8WL

          Tel 0870 241 1064

And costs £9.99 plus £3.99 p&p

Weald Neighbourhood Watch Association

  In November I attended the re-launch of the association, which as the name suggests is a group consisting of representatives of watches throughout the weald area. The object of the association is to promote the effectiveness and optimise communication between the watches and the police. Not an easy job in an era of cost effectiveness and performance targets.


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Generally the first point of contact will be your link member but if necessary I can be contacted on 730308or Cherry View, Cobbs Hill or e-mail at owl.mwm@tesco.net

 If you would like to receive this newsletter by e-mail then let me know and if the numbers are sufficient and I can get to grips with the logistics of it I’ll give it a shot on the next issue.

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